A Return to Vietnam: May 2009

Note: Since the Return to Vietnam article (click for large PDF version - 6+ megabytes) on Larry's experiences returning to Vietnam ran in the November 2009 issue of Ruralite magazine, he and I have had many contacts from old friends and also from new ones who are dealing with PTSD. Feel free to contact me by e-mail using my first name and adding "@karlgaard.net" for an e-mail address, or by calling me at (503) 427-0586. If you want to contact Larry, please let me know.

 For help with PTSD issues, contact a Vet Center or VA hospital if one is nearby. Here are some resources:

The following daily entries and photos were added to this website nearly every evening when we returned to our hotel in Saigon on our trip back to Vietnam in May 2009.

May 6-7  -- Saigon and Cholon

May 8 -- Dau Tieng, FSB Schofield, Tay Ninh, Nui Ba Den

May 9 -- FSB Crockett, FSB Jackson, FSB Reed

May 9 -- Finding Muoi

May 10 -- R&R in Saigon.

May 11 -- Long Binh recon patrol

May 11 -- the Colonel 

May 12 -- day off in Saigon

May 13 -- Suoi Tre, Lo Go, FSB Washington, visit with Muoi

May 14 -- day off in Saigon; resting up for flight home.

May 15 (twice) -- Left the Rex Hotel a few minutes after 8 am on Friday morning. Crossed the International Date Line so we got to see Friday again. As Larry and I exited the jetway at the Portland Airport at a few minutes after 7 pm, we calculated that we had been on our way home for more than 25 hours.

Information on maps, GPS, MGRS grid coordinates, etc., here: http://www.karlgaard.net/maps