Vietnam Links and Information

Memorial Day 2008 at the Oregon Vietnam Memorial...

visit with Doc in Hawaii (a reunion 38 years after we were together in Vietnam)

Yours truly in Vietnam, probably mid-1969. 

25th Infantry Division Association

"Wolfhounds" website, 27th Infantry Regiment Association

27th Infantry Regiment Vietnam alumni 

SW Washington/NW Oregon chapter, 25th Infantry Division Association

Karl Karlgaard as 25th Infantry Division correspondent 1969

Tropic Lighning News scans from Vietnam Era 

Google search: Karl Karlgaard's articles and photos from the 1968-69 Tropic Lightning News

   (open the pages and do <CTRL-F> and search for "Karlgaard")

Compilation of casualties from Vietnam War 

Searchable website for Vietnam casualty names on The Wall 

Milspec Tours: great Vietnam tours, especially for 25th & 4th Infantry Divisions

Scappoose Outfitters: Karyn does the awesome embroidery on our jackets 

Ray Smith has a great web site with information on Vietnam-era maps here...

National Center for PTSD

Vet Center Information

Portland, Oregon, Vet Center: (503) 273-5370