Vietnam Album by Christopher Burns; now out in paperback and Kindle e-book

Some of my photographs from the time when I was a correspondent in Vietnam have made it into a Kindle ebook available on Amazon.

Vietnam Album paperback

Paperback version (above) is $24.95.

Kindle version (above) is $9.50.

The book was written by Chris Burns, who was the officer in charge of all the publications for the 25th Infantry Division's information office in 1968-69. These publications included a weekly newspaper, a quarterly magazine and a yearbook. He brought home an extra copy of many of the photos that we released, found them again after they spent 40 years in a box in his closet, and put together an excellent book on the chronology of the Vietnam War. He found quotes from many of those involved, including LBJ, Ho Chi Minh, various grunts, medics, platoon leaders and generals, Red Cross women, and nurses, as well as material from letters home, captured enemy diaries and other sources. It is an incredible collection, and certainly does a great job of telling the story of the war. As a combat vet, I can attest that it captures the intensity of our experiences.

Burns and his boss, the division's information officer, noted that the more than 400 photos selected for the book are some of the best from the war. Nearly all of the images in the book, about half in color, were take by correspondents such as myself. We started out in the infantry or a tank, and somehow ended up taking pictures and writing stories for Army publications. I think it helped that we still considered ourselves grunts, first and foremost. We were experiencing the same things as everyone else outside the wire, and did our best to capture whatever possible on film.

The Kindle version of the book has reader reviews that are all five stars -- the top rating.

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