R&R in Saigon - May 10

(click on photo to see larger image)

Today is a rest day. We decided we deserved it, since we only spent two days touring what I expected to take four. We walked around a bit, had lunch in a mall food court nearby, and cut a few ZZZZZZZs. It was great to take some time off.

This is the Rex Hotel where we're staying. Larry discovered that it has 287 rooms. It certainly has plenty of staff all making us feel welcome.


We needed nourishment, of course, even though we were taking it easy. This is my fourth course for breakfast -- fruit and little French pastries with an apple filling. Larry likes the chocolate-filled ones. The fruit on the left is called dragon fruit. Our guide told us it makes you "not stuck." Plenty of fiber, in other words.


The Rex lobby looks like this. I'll get a photo of the front desk later.


This mall is across the street. Many of interesting shops selling carvings, silk, etc. But it was a challenge to find AAA batteries and a notebook in the "supermarket."


An example of traffic coming up the street next to the hotel. The folks in the rear are all waiting for the traffic light to change. When it does, the street will be filled from median to curb with moving traffic. (This photo was actually taken Monday morning. The weekend was calmer.)

This statue of Ho Chi Minh is right outside our hotel. The building in the background is the equivalent of the city hall.