Ken Burns documentary on the Vietnam War

The Ken Burns organization has produced many outstanding documentaries, including ones on the Civil War, baseball, and the National Parks. They have completed a thorough documentary of the Vietnam War, released in September 2017. It is 10 episodes and 18 hours long, and it took 10 years and $30 million to produce.

I am honored to have two of my photos from the Vietnam War included in the production. They appear in a segment where LT Vincent Okamoto talks about the battle at Fire Support Base Schofield on Aug. 24, 1968. I was part of the Bravo Company soldiers who were taken in by helicopter to secure the area and set up a base. I recall working hard to build a bunker, but then my platoon got selected to go on the ambush. About 20 of us in 3rd Platoon went out and set up our ambush at a site about 1,000 meters from the base. After dark we heard hundreds of enemy all around us heading for the base. Fortunately they didn't find us on the ambush, or they would have killed us all. We could hear the fighting at the base most of the night. When I returned to the base in the morning, I discovered that three friends had been killed in the bunker I helped build. It was a bad time...

LT Okamoto was the acting company commander, and his heroic efforts kept the base from being overrun. He was put in for the Medal of Honor for that night, but it was downgraded to a Distinguished Service Cross. He gives an articulate accounting of the battle and the heroism of his men.

A soldier from Bravo Company, 2nd Battalion, 27th Infantry Regiment "Wolfhounds" pulls bunker guard duty with an M-60 machine gun at Fire Support Base Crockett, located about 20 miles northwest of Saigon. The image appears about 15 minutes into Episode 7. It was also used in the background art of the disc for Episode 7 (below).

My good friends Doc Morse and SGT Steff carry a soldier wounded by a booby trap to a waiting Medevac helicopter near Fire Support Base Reed. This photo appears about 17 minutes into Episode 7.

Click on the above photo for information about our trip to see a total eclipse in Eastern Oregon.

Presentations: “A Soldier’s Images of the Vietnam War”

A group of Vietnam Vets from Alpha Company, 1st Wolfhounds met Sept. 15-18, 2016, in Portland for a reunion, and one of the group asked me to join them. It was interesting to talk about some of our Vietnam experiences. Even though our two battalions didn't often work together, we were in many of the same areas in the 25th Infantry Division's area of operations (Dau Tieng, Tay Ninh, Nui Ba Den, Razorbacks, Michelin Rubber Plantation, Cu Chi). I showed my photos last night, and added a few current photos of their base sites from Google Earth. I was moved when several of the wives thanked me afterwards. Thanks for the great hospitality. Wolfhounds Forever!

Memorial Day 2016: Did a presentation of Vietnam photos for the Memorial Day / Veterans Recognition event at Morton, WA. The event is sponsored by the Tilton River Post # 215 of the American Legion from Morton, and the Mossyrock Post #5439 of the VFW from Mossyrock, WA. I was honored to be asked to participate, and humbled by the folks who came up after my presentation to thank me. Thanks to Mike and the rest of the folks who put the event together...

Each year in late May or early June, I show my photos to John Arntson's American History classes at Clackamas High School. I am always impressed by their interest and respect. What a great group of young men and women.

MN relatives:

Spent some time with brother Russ and wife Chris on a recent trip to MN. It was nice to just relax and spend time talking. Cousins Shirley and Don and Aunt Millie came for dinner one night, so we took a photo of the group (click for larger image):
From left, Karl and Pam, Don and Cher, Millie (front & center), Russ and Chris, Tom and Shirley.

Karl in Vietnam as a correspondent for the 25th Infantry Division, probably July or August of 1969. (click on image for larger version)

Vietnam trip, May 2009:

Finding a little girl in Vietnam 40 years later:

Visiting my friend "Doc" Morse in Hawaii:

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